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4 B TP600 TP901 TP Panel Line-up. Also see the photo showing the pair of topside panels this board works. More products from this seller For JNJ,Monalisa, jazzi, mesda,sunrans and Deluxe spa Control Pannel & keypad panel of HLW-A-8001 HLW15B Main Functions: 1. If you have used these steps correctly and your hot tub is still not working as it should please contact us at KL8-3A User Manual 5 time, press “ ” key to change the hours of preheating start time. Ethink KL8-2 touchpad Used with Ethink KL8-2 spa control box (other than Winer AMC) Controls up to 3 x jet pumps, blower, circulation pump, lights and radio 158mm x 77mm, hole size required 128mm x 58mm 15 p.

VAT (234,00 € inc. This Chinese control pack can be used for direct replacement or upgrade of virtually any Chinese manufactured hot tub (JNJ, Jazzi, Monalisa, Deluxe, Pengfeida). 5) Stop pumping when the groove in the follower rod is visible. How to use kl8 your Danz hot tub if it has the KL8-3 control panel from eThink.

Ethink KL8-2 User Manual In this post I will show you the kl8 3 manual programming instructions of the Ethink KL8-2 Touch Control Panel for your Hot Tub. Level kl8 3 manual controls, LED meters, and Aux sends for three stereo keyboards. For up to 4 massage pumps depending on the model.

Hot Tub Controls and Spa Packs: Digital & Air Control Systems, Topside Control Panel Keypads and more. Ethink KL8-3 Touch Control Panel. It is an active watch that adopted NATO type nylon band with a sense of trend in a highly functional SolarTech radio clock that tends to be basic taste. PC Original Viewer Program Installation Warranty 3-9.

Spa Serve 8-3 control boxes and only similar looking control panels. Specification 3-6. Hot tub spa parts, spares, filters and covers, and swimming. There are 2 types of KL8-3 control panel, with slightly difference regular buyer would not notice. This manual is intended as a guide for users of Mikuni. KLSpa Hot Tub controller Pack replacement Version 2 for JNJ, mesda.

They have slightly changed the main power input connections to allow 3-phase. We have fitted these to both the KL8-2 and KL8-3 packs dating back to. 3) Push the filler/bleeder valve into the J3 pump outlet (see Figure 3). Spa heater(H380) H380 - Ethink Products Made In China, China Manufacturer. Source Exif Data : File Type : PDF File Type Extension : pdf MIME Type : application/pdf PDF Version : 1. View Product: Balboa: 9.

KL FRESNEL 8™ is a 350W 3,000K >96CRI Warm White LED fresnel, producing over 14,000 total lumen output, on par with compatible tungsten halogen models. Type of Product: Ethink KL8-3 Control Box. Hi all, I purchased a used tub last year and it has a chinese system in it (KL8-3 - see pic attached) From what I remember it seemed to work ok last year but if I am honest I have a stapled together manual that just doesn&39;t kl8 3 manual make sense and I don&39;t know if it was ever set up properly. Download* New 3 Pump KL8 Manual - After Sept 1st,- X-13,X-14,X-15,X-16 Dr. Balboa EL Mach 3 Control System, (No Topside or Cords),. Hot Tub Spa Controller Control Panel. KL8-3 User Manual. We have rich experience in new products design&development, and also provide customized spa controller according to customer&39;s requirements.

This is also known as the KL8-3H Ethink control panel. 4 Linearized : Yes XMP Toolkit : 3. KL8-3 electronic control box + KL8-3H control panel. OEM part number.

KL8-3 User Manual This topside panel is specific for Chinese Hot Tubs, it comes complete with the front face design. The KL-8 is a powerful mixing station created kl8 3 manual with keyboard pros in mind, with a number of features designed specifically to streamline and enhance any keyboard setup. ETHINK KL8-3 CONTROL BOX (6 models: 2, 3 or 4 massage pumps with or without the Jazzi LED connection. 5KW 220V Incoloy 825 Heater. Topside Panel and Cords or Sold Sepately. Chinese Topside Control Panel TCP8-3 / KL8-3. Ethink KL8-3 User Manual In this post I will show you the programming instructions of the Ethink KL8-3 Touch Control Panel for your Hot Tub.

Manufacturers Codes. Constant temperature heating, preset heating, water temperature display and setting 2. Comes complete with cable and moulded plug to connect easily to the control box.

The overlay on this panel has a slightly different layout to the older version but will work. KL6 - TopsideYJ K100 1 Pump TopsideYE-5 K450 2 Pump TopsideKL 6500 - TopsideMVP240 panel balboa / no label. This is typically use in conjunction with the KL8300 Control Box. A reference guide showing commonly used Balboa panels, what systems they work with, and their operating manuals. Features include manual and DMX control, 11° to 57° wide motorized zoom, manual and DMX controlled dimmer, shutter, and zoom, dimmer and zoom rotary dials, smooth 16-bit selectable dimming modes and curves, LED refresh rate frequency. Three surfing pumps, one circulation water pump, one blower 3. For example, if the power rating is 3KW, then the label will be H380-H3000.

Manual; Related Listings. The follower rod with slowly move out the back of the barrel because the follower is locked to the rod. Model: KL8-3, TCP8-3, or CB8-3. 16 Button Option. Compatible with Ethink KL8-3 Control Box.

LCD Configuration 3-8. manuals search engine. Page 2: Table Of Contents 3-4. Fast & free shipping on orders over 0! More products from this seller For JNJ,Monalisa, jazzi, mesda,sunrans and Deluxe spa Control Pannel & keypad panel of HLW-A-8001 HLW15B. Over-temperature protection: The break-off temperature for. Page 5 True to the Music Radial Engineering Ltd. You can buy Ethink hot tub controller Pack Circuit board KL8-3-BAA6G replacing KL8-3-BAA6E 42 & KL8-3-BAA6F 40 for china spa for Bitcoin.

Related Listings. Cheap Generator Parts & Accessories, Buy Quality Home Improvement Directly from China Suppliers:Ethink hot tub controller Pack Circuit board KL8 3 BAA6G replacing KL8 3 BAA6E 42 & KL8 3 BAA6F 40 for china spa Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! KL8-2-CAA6/KL8-2-BAA6 www. VK26/116 VHl8/144 VMl8/144 YMl8/144 &92;&39;Kl8/144 VMI.

Ethink is the unique professional manufactory speccialized in the field of spa control system and spa heater in China mainland. Put yourself in control of the mix. "380" represents the length of the heating element is 380mm. CD audio input, radio frequency display, and can. Manufacturer: Ethink: Power: Volts:Volts (Single, 2 or 3 Phased) Specifications: Pump 1: Circulation Pumpv. ¦. 2 Modify Date : :11:26 15:25:15+08:00 Create Date : :11:26 15:25:15+08:00 Format : application/pdf Title : Microsoft Word - User manual. Radio reception function : Yes.

Balboa EL Mach 3 Control System with 5. How to record 3-22. LED Operation 3-23. KL-8™ Owner’s Manual. Modifiers: Ports: KL8, /10, /11, /S, /S3: Port 1: 2" Code 62; Port 2: 2" Code 62; Port 3: SAE 6; KL8/1A, /1B, /M, /T, /T3: Port 1: 2" Code 62; Port 2: 2" Code 62. Topside Dimensions. Limited Time Sale Easy Return. Ethink hot tub spa controller (KL8-3) KL8-3 - Ethink Products Made In China, China Manufacturer.

VAT) Product Code: KL8-3 Stock: 20 available, 2 - 5 days delivery. This control system operates on 220V 60Hz 4-Wire. Cheap Generator Parts & Accessories, Buy Quality Home Improvement Directly from China Suppliers:E think KL8 3 Spa Control System,Control box plus control panel Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Multiple lights synchronous discoloration and fixed bottom lights color and ozone 4. Type of Product:. Page 1 WINYCAM Vehicle Drive Recorder User Manual www.

com 3 each time,and the hours could be added continually when pressing the “ HOUR ” without stop。The hour adjustment range is AM 0~PM 11。 In the status of time setting,It will add 1 minute when pressing “ MIN ”each. 0 (Windows) Creator Tool : PScript5. Citizen KLINDEPENDENT Radio Watch. Overfilling can cause grease to by-pass the follower. " xxxx" represents the power rating, it could be 3KW.

It is dual heating elements design, and could match with standard 2" pipe. Ethink KL8-3 User Manual In this post I will show you the programming instructions of the Ethink KL8-3 Touch Control Panel for your Hot Tub. Wellness Spa Manuals (click on the links provided below to download the PDF files).

Page 6: Getting Started True to the Music GETTING STARTED Before connecting to the KL-8, it is always best to turn your audio system levels down in order to prevent plug-in transients that could damage more sensitive components such as high frequency drivers. 4) Hold the Levergun and pump the J3 handle. PC Original Viewer – Screen Configuration 3-10. Each press of “ ”key will add 1 hour, when the user presses “ ” key and holds it, the hour will continuously increase. Version 1, with a black nut on the back of controller, is used to suit Ethink pool heater. The banks of screw terminals are the same as those photos of the layout drawings on the front of the plastic control box. Price: 195,00 € ex.

TCP8-3 & KL8-3. 1-701 Producer : Acrobat Distiller 7.

Kl8 3 manual

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